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Alloy Intake Manifold to suit Zenoah G320 engine   

The new Hobby Supplies G320 billet isolator block is by far the nicest on the market with 16 mm bore size to suit large carburetors with 31 mm mounting bolt centres. Machined from 7075 aircraft grade aluminium for ultimate strength to make sure the block won't bend. The teflon gaskets not only keep the heat from the carb but also help to cool the incoming charge of air and fuel.

Perfect fit for the Omen race modified 35cc PUM engine

Comes complete with teflon manifold and teflon carburetor gaskets.

Price: $49.95 each inc. GST       (Export price AU$ 45.45)

OPPAMA - 30,000 rpm Memory Tachometer

Small size waterproof 30,000 rpm memory tachometer measuring 44mm x 61mm x 12mm and weighs only 30 grams

The OPPAMA PET-2000DXR is a pulse-activated tachometer. It detects and counts electric pulse produced at the time of ignition of gasoline engines, and processes the detected signals into RPM readings according to the type of engines being monitored

A large dual display system for either current RPM alone or current & maximum RPM. Also has two maximum RPM memories for comparison. The PET-2000DXR is resetable, has an hour meter function and automatic on/off function.

The PET-2000DXR is capable of monitoring the RPM of the following engines: 2-stroke 1 & 2 cylinders, 4-stroke 1,2 & 4 cylinders

Price: $138.00 inc. GST   (Export price AU$ 125.45)

Baxter IV Fuel Bag

Baxter IV fuel bags are suitable for Gasoline fuels.


250 ML - Price: $6.90 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 6.30)

500 ML - Price: $6.90 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 6.30)

Nylon IV Bag Fuel Fitting

Easily inserts into Baxter IV fuel bags. Light weight, fuel resistant and will not rust.

Price: $3.35 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 3.05)

Needle Clamp, suits Walbro WT-257 & WT-1048 Carbs 

Billet machined from aircraft grade alloy and black anodised with stainless steel screws. Securely holds the high and low needle valves from turning during engine operation.

Price: $5.50 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 5.00)

Batwing SS Throttle Shaft for Walbro Carburetors   

These stainless steel batwing throttle shafts have a relief on each side of the butterfly screw for better airflow through the carb body. The stainless shaft will also eliminate the bent or broken shafts that can sometimes occur in these style carburetors.

Also included is a hardened C-clip to hold the shaft in place, a black anodized billet aluminum cup that traps the C-clip from being able to come off

Price: $17.95 each inc. GST       (Export price AU$ 16.35)

NGK CMR7H Spark Plug

NGK CMR7H performance spark plug with 10 mm thread and built in resister to suit Zenoah G231/260 & 300 PUM marine engines.

Replacement for Champion RZ7C

Price: $6.95 inc. GST      (Export price AU$ 6.35)

Castrol A747 High Performance Racing Two Stroke Oil

Castrol A747 is a CASTOR/SYNTHETIC engine oil specifically designed for use in highly stressed, high performance, 2-stroke engines using premixed fuels. With excellent combustion chamber deposit control the A747 is perfect for race conditions where chamber deposit control is essential.
High Performance Castor/Synthetic 2-Stroke Engine Oil
For Use In Highly Stressed, High Performance 2-Stroke Engines
Excellent Combustion Chamber Deposit Control
Very Low Rates Of Piston Ring Wear
Special Additives To Prevent Throttle Slide Sticking In Wet Conditions
High Performance For Race Conditions

1000 ml Bottle

Price: $44.50 each inc. GST    (Export price AU$ 40.45)


Zenoah Low Drag Seals 

Low Drag Seals are made from high quality Bronze material to suit Zenoah crankshaft rubber seals. (Pack of 2)

Install these bronze seals inside the Zenoah rubber seals and receive free horsepower by releasing the drag that the rubber seals put on the crankshaft. Gains of 400 to 800 rpm are common with the installation of these bronze seals.

Price: $11.00 inc. GST (Export price AU$ 10.00)


Zenoah Flywheel Puller Assembly 

Genuine Zenoah universal Flywheel Puller to suit all Zenoah flywheels. Heavy Duty Zinc plated steel construction with hardened bolts.

Price: $76.95inc. GST       (Export price AU$ 70.00)


Zenoah Alloy Piston Stopper 

Genuine Zenoah alloy piston stopper to suit 10mm spark plug threads. (Suits Zenoah, Quickdraw, RCMK etc with 10mm spark plugs)

Price: $13.40 inc. GST       (Export price AU$ 12.20)

Walbro WT-1048 Racing Carburetor

The Walbro WT-1048 big bore racing carburetor comes with a large 13.5mm venturi and has the same bolt spacing as the 257 and 644 carbs.

Mounting hole's distance between centres is 31mm

Suits Zenoah G290 & G300 Marine Engines.

WT-1048 Carb  - $43.95 inc. GST    (Export price AU$ 39.95)


Walbro WT-257 Carburetor

The Walbro WT-257 carburetor has a 12.7mm Venturi which is the perfect performance upgrade for all stock and modified Zenoah G231 and G260 marine engines.  The WT-257 gives more power and RPM plus it's much easier to tune with more stable needle settings.

Suits Zenoah G231, G260, G290 & G300 Marine Engines.

WT-257  - $49.95 inc. GST    (Export price AU$ 45.40)

Walbro WT-644 Carburetor

The Walbro WT-644 carburetor is the standard carburetor factory fitted to Zenoah G231PUM and G260PUM marine engines.

WT-644 Carb  - $45.00       (Export price AU$ 40.90) 

Walbro K10WAT Carb. Repair Kit

 Walbro K10WAT Carburetor Repair Kit includes all the necessary parts to repair WA and WT Series Walbro Carburetors.

Price: $10.50 inc. GST    (Export price AU$ 9.55) 

Genuine Walbro WYK-33 Carburetor

The Walbro WYK-33 is an upgrade carburetor for the more experienced boater which may offer more power and RPM over the WT-257 carb, but its more difficult to install in some boats because of its larger body size. 15.0mm Bore with 13.5mm Venturi.

Suits Quickdraw 25cc Marine Engines and other large Gas engines   (May require modified or replacement Inlet Manifold)

WYK-33  - $89.00 inc. GST     (Export price AU$ 80.90)

LORD Engine Mount Isolation Rubbers   

USA LORD brand engine isolation rubber suits Seaducer, Top Secret, Speedmaster plus many other Zenoah engine mounts.

Measures 5/8" high x 5/8" wide with 1/4-20 stud on one end and 1/4-20 threaded insert on the other. Sold complete with Stainless Steel button head bolt, washers and nut.

Price: $10.95 each inc. GST      (Export price AU$ 9.95 each)

LORD Engine Mount Isolation Rubbers   

USA LORD brand engine isolation rubber suits Seaducer, Top Secret, Speedmaster plus many other Zenoah engine mounts.

Measures 5/8" high x 5/8" wide with 1/4-20 stud on one end and 1/4-20 threaded insert on the other. Sold as rubber mount only.

Price: $8.95 each inc. GST      (Export price AU$ 8.15 each)


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