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CarbonTec hollow carbon fibre tubes use a 'Roll-Wrapping' process to produce tubing of the highest possible standard. The unique pressure wrapping system, developed after years of exhaustive R&D, ensures hi-tech carbon fibre tubing of the ultimate in strength and stiffness to weight ratios. Mandrel wrapped and cooked in a oven at 120 degrees with a sanded finish which produces the highest quality tubing.

CarbonTec carbon fibre tubes offer extremely high strength and stiffness because they contain 90% of the fibre running length wise and 10% at 90 deg. This gives the best 'bend strength' possible (if you try to snap the tube in half over your knee), however it does leave the tube venerable to forces in other planes, such as crushing force. 

Roll Wrap tubing has many advantages over other methods of tube production and CarbonTec have enhanced and developed production to make tubing lighter, stiffer and stronger than previously possible. Pre-Preg raw materials, with strictly controlled resin content, are the first step in consistent production. CarbonTec's exclusive pressure rolling and wrapping systems developed after many years of R&D, produce tube of unequalled performance.

Use an abrasive cut off wheel to cut the carbon tubes and rotate the tube as it is being cut. For a clean cut wrap the tube with masking tape before cutting and then proceed to cut through the tape and tube

Extremely strong, for use on most Outrigger hydros as sponson tubes or Yacht masts.


We have three sizes of hollow carbon fibre tubes in stock with each size manufactured to precise telescopic fit.

                           12 mm O.D. x 1200 mm long (10 mm I.D) - $51.80 




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