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                Radio Control's

All radio control products sold and operated in Australia must comply with Australian Communications Authority (ACA) regulations. Radio's not bearing the Australian Communications Authority "C" Tick numbers are not covered by Australian warranty and do not comply with ACA regulations, therefore illegal to operate in Australia. Also any such product may not be covered by Public Liability Insurance in case of a mishap.

All radios sold by Hobby Supplies are genuine Australian stocks with full Australian warranty and Australian Communications Authority "C" Tick approved.




FUTABA 3PV 2.4 ghz Radio

Hold the 3PV in your hand, and instantly feel how lightweight it is. Access the programming menu on the easy-to-read screen, and see how sophisticated it is. Experience the 3PV's super-fast response rate, and realize that you're in command of the system that can make a real difference on race day. You also get FHSS, S-FHSS and T-FHSS protocols, making it one of R/C's most versatile surface system.

Steering, Throttle and Steering Dual Rate digital trims are conveniently positioned around the wheel for easy access. The nearby switch is for programming 3rd channel functions if needed.
The large screen makes it easy to view information from the 3PV's intuitive menu.


FHSS/S-FHSS protocols
Large, easy to read programming screen
Four wheel steering and brake mixing
Model data copy
Anti-lock brake system (ABS) function
DT3 selection and SW1
Throttle fail safe
Steering and throttle trim
Channel 4 trim and Sub trim
Steering dual rate adjustment
Steering and throttle end point adjustment
Channel 3 and 4 end point adjustment, and servo reversing
Steering and throttle exponential
Auto power off after ten minutes

Includes: Futaba 3PV 2.4GHz T-FHSS Transmitter, R314SB Receiver and instruction manual.  
"Servo's and Batteries are not included"

 Price: $189.00 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 171.85

FUTABA 4PM 2.4 ghz Radio

The Futaba 4PM 2.4GHz 4-Channel Surface Telemetry enabled system features the ultra-fast T-FHSS SR signal transmission and the new 2.4GHZ R334SBS 4-channel receiver with 2 antennas. The 4PM currently offers the fastest signal transmission with maximum reception reliability !


Modulation: T-FHSS / T-FHSS-SR / S-FHSS

Display: LCD dot matrix 128x64 dot 2.7 "with backlight

Antenna: Integrated

Servo link connection

Micro SD card slot

40 model memories

2x drive condition

Steering and gas speed 2-fold

S.BUS integration

Jog stick for navigation in the menus

Car-type Select and Easy set up

Copy Model / Delete Model

Fail Safe

Free mixer

Brake mixer (with ABS)

Drift mixer with over-rev and throttle speed

ESC Link & Dual Regulator Mixer


LED control CPS-1

Steering with Ackermann, 4-wheel steering

Gas control (programmable mixer)

Lightest transmitter in its class

Includes: Futaba 4PM 2.4GHz T-FHSS SRv Transmitter, Two x R334SB Receivers and instruction manual.  
"Servo's and Batteries are not included"

 Price: $375.00 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 340.95

FUTABA 7PX-R 2.4 ghz Radio

The new 7PX-R leads the way to a new revolution in surface control, thanks to Super Response Mode, full telemetry capability and the R334SBS diversity receiver!

T-FHSS SR Super Response makes the 7PX the fastest Futaba radio yet, to give drivers a more “locked-in” feel while racing. In addition, the 7PX offers the T-FHSS protocol, which allows full telemetry capability. This radio is also compatible with S-FHSS and FASST protocols, expanding receiver options tenfold.

The innovations don't stop there, a 4.3” backlit LCD touch screen lets drivers access key features instantly, via intuitively designed menus. When it comes to features, an R334SBS diversity receiver, 40-model memory and updateable software are just the tip of the iceberg.

Up to 7 channels can be controlled and programmed. Up to 5 telemetry sensors can be viewed on the main screen for real-time information. Traction control and over-rev functions have been added to complement the ABS function.


  • T-FHSS SR Super Response, T-FHSS, S-FHSS and FASST protocols.
  • Large, backlit 4.3” LCD touch screen.
  • Full telemetry compatible.
  • 40-model memory and 5 programmable mixes.
  • S.Bus servo programming editor.
  • R334SBS 2.4GHz diversity receivers.
  • Channels 5/6 and 7 feature reversing, end point adjustments, sub-trim, assignable brake mixing and ABS.
  • Steering, 4WS, Brake & Gyro mixing.
  • Assignable switch/dial functions.
  • Servo monitor
  • Up/down/integral timer.
  • Lap timer/memory.
  • Wheel/trigger (tension, position, angle) adjustments.
  • Model copy. and Software-updateable.
  • Micro memory card slot.
  • Voice message/audio earphone jack.
  • Right/left hand operation.
  • Includes: Futaba 7PX-R 2.4GHz T-FHSS Transmitter, two x R334SBS Receivers, LiFe 6.6V 1700mAh Tx Battery, 240V TX Charger and instruction manual. (Servos not included)

    Price: $899.00 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 817.30


    nVision 6V 1700mah NiMh Battery pack 

    nVision NiMH batteries are the perfect match of quality and price. For those who want bullet proof technology at a very good price these power packs will be the best choice.

    nVision offers this receiver battery in a hump and flat configuration, uni plug and 20AWG high quality ultra flex cables. The nVision 1700 mah NiMH technology has been developed for the longest life-span and best power output with great run time..

    FLAT and HUMP cell configuration are in stock

    Price: $21.95 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 19.95 

    Futaba R334SBS 4 channel Telemetry 2.4 Ghz Receiver

    Futaba's new Telemetry enabled R334SBS S-Bus 2.4 Ghz receiver to suit the Futaba 7PX radio outfit.

    Price: $92.95 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 84.50

    Futaba R314SB 4 channel Telemetry 2.4 Ghz Receiver

    (Replaces R304SB receiver)

    Futaba's new Telemetry enabled R314SB 2.4 Ghz receiver to suit new 4PLS and 4PX radio outfits.

    Price: $86.95 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 79.05

    Futaba 400mm Extended Receiver Boat Antenna

    Futaba 400 mm extended receiver antenna for Futaba 2.4 GHz boat receivers. Allows the receiver antenna to be extended outside the radio box or through hatch covers.

    Price: $20.95 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 19.05

    Futaba SBS-02G Telemetry GPS Sensor 

    Futaba SBS-02G Telemetry GPS Sensor when used in conjunction with a Futaba 7PX telemetry enabled transmitter/receiver will indicate the distance, speed, and altitude.

    - Longitude, Latitude, Altitude and Distance (surface and slant)
    - Speed and rate of climb/descent plus
    - Built-in atmospheric pressure sensor

    Weight: 0.4 oz. (11g)
    Speed Range: 0 to 311 mph (0 to 500 km/h)
    Altitude: -700m to 5500m
    Variometer: -3/+336 mph (-/+150 m/s)
    Voltage: 3.7V to 7.4V

    Price: $219.95 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 209.00

    Futaba SBS-01RM Telemetry RPM Sensor (Magnetic) 

    The Futaba SBS-01RM Magnetic RPM Sensor makes it easy to get the performance information you want. Simply plug into the S.Bus2 slot on a telemetry-enabled receiver, and the Bi-directional communication will allow the data to be transmitted directly to your Futaba transmitter.

    Range: 360-100,000 rpm
    Voltage: DC3.7 ~ 7.4V
    Weight (w/pickup): 0.166 oz (4.7 g) 

    Price: $105.00 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 95.45

    Futaba LiFe TX 240 volt charger 

    Suits Futaba 7PX charger fitted with LiFe battery pack


    Price: $25.95 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 23.60 

    Futaba NiMh TX/RX 240 volt charger


    Price: $28.95 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 26.35 

    Futaba 4PL/4PK/4PX Transmitter Charge Lead with Banana plugs


    Price: $11.55 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 10.50 

    Futaba 6V 1800mah NiMh Battery pack (HT5F1800B)

    Futaba genuine 5 cell 1800mah NiMh battery pack to suit 4PL series and 4PK series Transmitters.

    Comes with a Futaba "J" male plug so its also suitable as a Receiver battery pack.

    Price: $59.40 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 54.00 

    Futaba 7PX TX Aluminium Carry Case

    Safeguard your 7PX radio in style

    Handsome Black brushed aluminum finish with Silver trim, rounded corners, carrying handle and lockable lid with two keys. Plastic feet on bottom and back of case allows it to placed upright or laid down without scratching.

    - Extra cutouts provide room for keeping radio accessories
    - Two lockable latches with 2 keys included
    - Dimensions: 376 L x 262 W x 216 mm H
    - Transmitter NOT INCLUDED

    Price: $169.00 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 153.65

    Futaba 4PK LCD Screen Protector

    - Protects the LCD screen from scratches and dirt
    - Sized slightly smaller than the screen for easy application
    - Includes two LCD Screen Protectors
    - Length: 68mm (2.7") / Width: 45mm (1.8")

    Price: $10.90 (inc. GST)  Export price AUD 9.95

    Team Corally LiPo Guard Bag

    Team Corally fire-proof LiPo guard is a must for LiPo battery charging and battery storage.

    Size: 300mm High x 220mm Wide


    Price: $19.95 (inc. GST)   Export Price: AU$18.15


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