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              B.H. HANSON - USA  


B.H. Hanson 7/8" Exhaust Components are manufactured in the USA with high quality materials that properly fit and work together. 

Beware of leaky, light weight and brittle imported copies that are sold as Hanson exhaust systems.

Insist on the best by purchasing a genuine USA made B.H. Hanson Product.     


B.H. HANSON 7/8" Alloy Exhaust System Components


2. 90 Deg +2" Offset Header.


3. 90 Deg +1" Offset Header.


4. 100 Deg Header.


5. 105 Deg Header.


6. Wrap-To-Flush Header.


7. Deep Vee Header.


8. Wrap-To-Centre Header.


9. 90 Deg Header with 2 1/2" Rise and 1" Offset.


10. 90 Deg Header with 1" Rise and 1" Offset.


11. 90 Deg. Header with 1" Drop and 1" Offset.


12. 90 Deg Header with 1" Drop and 4" Offset..


14. 90 Deg Header with 1" Drop and 2" Offset.


15. Same as #6 (Wrap-To-Flush) with 98 Deg angle. "Not Shown"


Below is the B.H. Hanson CNC machined Water-cooled Exhaust Flange required to attach the header to cylinder.

B.H. Hanson 7/8" Alloy Headers:  $69.95 each inc. GST      (Export price AU$ 63.60)

B.H. Hanson 7/8" Two piece Header Flange with Viton O-rings$85.90 each inc. GST      (Export price AU$ 78.10)


B.H. Hanson 7/8" Pipe Stopper    

This ring clamps on the Hanson 7/8" header pipe and stops the pipe from sliding towards the engine while holding the pipe firmly with Viton o-rings.

Price: $31.25 inc. GST    

(Export price AU$ 28.40)  Currency Converter 

B.H. Hanson 7/8" Header Cooler    

Header running hot ?.  Use this water-cooled header cooler to bring down temps. Made to fit 7/8" headers.

Price: $39.95 inc. GST    

(Export price AU$ 36.35)  Currency Converter 

B.H. Hanson 7/8" Viton O-Rings

B.H. Hanson 7/8" I.D. High Temperature Viton O-Rings to suit Hanson tuned pipe and water-cooled header flange.

Price: $1.20 each inc. GST    

(Export price AU$ 1.10 each)  Currency Converter 

B.H. Hanson Throttle Cable Assembly

Price: $28.95 inc. GST    

(Export price AU$ 26.35)  Currency Converter 


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